The Story

The pristine Adelaide Hills, South Australia is well known for its stunning cool climate wines, vibrant regional produce and tediously boring conservative inhabitants…. Until now.

Take a detour off of the main road. Drive past the pristine vineyards and you’ll see a dark rise on the horizon. A Hill, a Stable…. The mismatched inhabitants that call this place home, long hidden from the public eye, are now ready to tell their stories. Where human, horse and wine combine in unholy union: Stable Hill.

Wines which are all about the characters, not just copied and pasted tasting notes. Do you really care about which rows of the vineyard were harvested at what time during what phase of the moon? Or do you just want to know which the best party in town is and who’s going to be there?
Adelaide Hills grapes. Made into wine by some wine makers. In a winery. Stable Hill.

Whatever the occasion you can now bring along some new characters… A party animal, a naïve and vacuous pretty thing, a curvy classic, a gym junkie narcissist or a disgruntled foreigner. They don’t necessarily get along, but they go great together. Stable Hill.

The Wines

2016 ‘Palomino’ Pinot Grigio

Picked up a freshly tailored suit, cut above the rest.
Admired from afar, in the safety of their dreams.
Gliding through the terminal. Heels sound on glass ceiling.

Tasting Notes

2016 ‘The Unicorn’ Sauvignon Blanc

Tears of a virgin, harvested before they fall.

A pure white dove picks a single grape, then shot by Cupid’s arrow.

Flowers blush, bees love birds. Butterflies are pretty.

Tasting Notes

2013 ‘Cremello’ Chardonnay

A waft of perfume, a hair stylist appointment at 11am.

She's got class, she's got curves, she's got a puppy. Probably a few puppies.

True classics never get old, they age gracefully. Like plastic flamingos.

Tasting Notes

2014 ‘Little Villager’ Pinot Noir

It's never easy starting again in a new place ...

The pride of the old world, relegated to the end of the cul-de-sac with noisy neighbours

In his own words:

"Vous sentex comme le boeuf et la fromage!"

Tasting Notes

2014 ‘Mustang’ Shiraz

#GymTime #SunsOutGunsOut #MustangRocks #WeightTraining #Workout

Walked past a mirror, had to stop and flex. Selfie to prove it.

#DoYouEvenLiftBro #GetFitOrDieTrying #Gains #LoveIt

Tasting Notes

‘Buck’s Fizz’ Sparkling NV

I don’t need any sugar, I brought my own…

I like a good stroke, especially to my ego or genius.

I am the Buck in your Fizz.


Tasting Notes

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