High-welfare animals, premium products.

We produce premium quality poultry and livestock, pasture-fed on our family-run farm in Devon Meadows, Victoria.

Grass Fed Beef

We’re pleased to have launched our breeding program with Angus joined with Speckled Park (JAD Napoleon). We hope to have our first beef products for sale mid 2022. 

Easter Eggs

Our happy chickens of several breeds produce a variety of egg colours you will see in our eggs. Being pasture-raised and fed, our egg yokes are a rich, golden colour unlike what you might generally see in your supermarket.

“We look forward to meeting you and being given the privilege of supplying our premium products to you.”

Duck Eggs

Our pasture-fed flock of Cayuga and Khaki-Campbell ducks produce rich and creamy eggs perfect for eating and cooking. We often have a waiting list so plan ahead and send us your order now.

So what is Speckled Park?

Speckled Park is know for its calving ease, feed efficiency and ease of handling – meaning less stress and a better quality product. 

Speckle Park meat is exceptionally tender, has great marbling as well as even fat cover making the flavour of your beef remarkable.



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